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Bitdefender has several security suites available in the market, such as the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security, SPHERE, Family Pack, Mobile Security and more! Nevertheless, if you work in an environment whereby computer security is your utmost priority, then perhaps you should take a closer look at the Bitdefender Total Security - one of the STRONGEST antivirus and internet security suites out in the market.

Like the name implies, Bitdefender Total Security provides heavy computer security protection to your computers. Generally, if you operate in a sensitive environment, which requires you to uphold computer security tremendously, then Bitdefender Total Security is definitely the computer security suite that you should invest in. Generally, the Total Security suite comes with the basic antivirus and internet security protection, but the Total Security suite takes things up another notch higher, whereby it even provides you application protection.

Of course, Bitdefender Total Security isn't expensive - after you apply our Bitdefender promotional coupon that is! In fact, after you have discounted your purchase, your Total Security suite can be at least 40% cheaper than the normal retail price. Of course, if you require the latest Bitdefender promotion - you should know where to check! - At of course!

BitDefender Total Security uses an improved scanning engine to optimize the scanning pace and cut back time. It maintains 2 databases, one for data that have to be scanned after a mid-long time frame and other stores data for information that needs to be scanned frequently. Brief term database contains files which have been marked as safe. Utilizing a new module and the above approach, the scanning time has reduced by nearly 30% compared to earlier model of the software.


What an awesome idea, everytime you go to do on-line safe banking transactions, Bitdefender drops you right into a barricaded session that protects each your wi-fi session if you are on Wi-Fi and a digital keyboard to guard it from being sniffed by hackers.

Though an incredible idea, I did have problems with this. When your pc enters this protected Safepay session, you enter a sandboxed browser. Getting back out of it though, to check an account validation e-mail for instance, was not very intuitive.

Once I exited the sandboxed session to get my validation e-mail so I may log in, it created a brand new session with my banking supplier, so I'd have wanted another validation e-mail.

Though not excellent, this is a big transfer in the best direction. Particularly for PC customers that need to use public networks for banking or shopping.

The BitDefender Total Security software additionally removes pointless duplicates of files and registry entries. This enables your pc to liberate memory by eliminating duplicate files and entries which are solely taking over area and never getting used for something useful. This also makes it tougher for phishing applications or viruses, worms, and trojans that attempt to steal your info to entry anything which may be stored in these data and registry entries.

As you can see Bitdefender has persistently scored above the competitors together with other paid products reminiscent of McAfee and Kaspersky. However some could doubt the validity of those checks, properly I gave a test to Bitdefender Free Antivirus Vs ninety nine Pieces Of Malware, and it is nonetheless the very best scoring software with a solid 91 out of 99 which has beaten the competitors together with companies comparable to Symantec and others.

As indicated in their internet site, there are 400 million residence and corporate users of their merchandise throughout the globe. That is as good an indication as any that their antivirus products actually work. Except for having tens of millions of worldwide users, BitDefender can also be a multi-awarded product. Only recently, they bagged the “Editor’s Choice” award from PC Magazine for their product. Irrespective of how simple or advanced your virus safety needs are, you can relaxation assured that there's a BitDefender product that is excellent for you.

Virus Scan

When performing a virus scan on your machine with Total Security, there are a couple of steps that you simply’ll go through. Step one is choosing what you would like to scan. You can select to scan your whole pc, or only sure directories on your laptop in the event you prefer.

Clearly, it is safer to scan your complete machine, but when time is of the essence then you could need to direct a scan to a folder the place you obtain all your content material, or simply to a file that you have downloaded off the web and are suspicious of.

As one would count on from a safety product, BitDefender’s safety was very strong.  BitDefender handled all the pieces within the check set - search engine caches, translators, proxies, circumvention clients, and attempts to halt the system.  Like Net Nanny, BitDefender handles proxies by applying heuristics to the results - blocking most all the pieces from getting through.


There may be an anti-theft provision given inside the software program which does the job of protecting your windows pill, laptop computer or other wi-fi gadget in case of stealth. All you'll want to do is access the Bitdefender official website and control your registered gadget by the online site. Underneath this, you can management your machine within a wi-fi radius limit. The gadget may be locked, tracked and even the info on the laborious disk can be erased. Though these management options are available for the gadgets, given the presence of a webcam on the gadget, there isn't any provision to take any picture of the thief over this management software.

Total Securityincludes a crazy assortment of recent features on top their every little thing however the kitchen sink suite.  New for 2014 is Pockets, which serves as a password supervisor that handles sites that use commonplace login formats. It may also save a wide range of personal and technical information, with the exception that it won’t save knowledge to fill Web forms.  Parental controls are considerably enhanced, as well.  You get full HTTPS as well as HTTP protection, and now you can retailer your logons much more securely through the Safepay on-line banking environment.

Five different modes of performing a scan:

  •     Fast Scan: For performing a scan immediately and in a brief interval of time.
  •     System Scan: A slow and a thorough scan that searches and scans every folders and files.
  •     Customized Scan: Scan solely those directories or files that you'd like.
  •     Vulnerability Scan: Searches for vulnerabilities corresponding to software and home windows updates or weak consumer-account passwords in your PC.
  •     Rescue Mode: Performs scan in the safe mode.

Bitdefender Total Security

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